Ready to Hike..! 

Gato will take you on the Ibiza nature adventure of your lifetime!
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Our Tours: Hike, Bike & Sea.

Let's Hike

We will go on a 5km to 10 km hike according to your choice.

That's about 3 to 4 hours of walking in Nature.

You will learn from the local flora, fauna and folklore of the islan

Optional Lunch after the hike!

1 on 1 privates
and groups up to 8 pax.

Let's Bike

We just go for a ride in the country side!

You will discover historical places and forage for local flowers, fruits or vegetables in season.   

From 25km to 50km distance rides available.  We ride on both tarmac roads and a little bit of dirt. Nothing extreme. 

All Fitness levels welcome!

1 on 1 privates
and groups up to 8 pax.

Sea Adventure

*Paddle Boarding



*Llaud boat tour's available. 

1 on 1 privates
and groups up to 6 pax.

4,000+ KM walking
in Ibiza

15,600km+ KM cycling
in Ibiza

Flower Power Specialist


I was born in Mexico in the late 70's. Very late... and the very end.  Yes I indeed will be 42 in 2021 ;)  

I became a professional hiking guide in 2017 while Freelancing for the Walking Ibiza adventure agency.

I have given tours to 5 year old children as well as 75 year old mature hikers, groups of up to 50 people and also  1 on 1 private adventures.

My clients range from everyday Dutch, English and German families on holiday to Yoga/Healing retreat groups as well as High-net worth individuals.

I've seen it all :), well almost.  

I love Ibiza and I know almost every single corner of the island by heart, but not the whole place yet, that would be almost impossible; but I know some "secret" spots! 

You wanna discover some?

Let's hike!

Gato Suarez